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UglyTeams is a family business built on our love of sports, ugly sweaters, and exciting, high quality products. We are committed to providing great customer service, fast shipping and an overall excellent shopping experience for our customers. We are sure you will be satisfied with your purchase and the level of attention we give each of our customers. If you have any questions throughout the process, please feel free to reach out using one of the methods below.

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"Ugly sweaters may sound ugly -- and they are -- but they're trendy and trendy always trumps ugly."
Ugly NFL sweaters are really ugly
CBS Sports - February 16, 2014
"The NFL thinks that ugly sweater parties shouldn't be limited to the Christmas season. Forever Collectibles has just released a collection of ugly NFL sweaters; they're officially licensed, and officially ugly."
Ranking the NFL's New Ugly Sweaters
Sports Illustrated - May 21, 2014
"While you may think that the Knicks' attempt at the Triangle Offense or 76ers record looks bad, you might want to take a look at these NBA holiday-themed sweaters. Just in time for the descent into holiday shopping, each NBA team has its own rendition on the ironic seasonal favorite, paying homage to both team logos and all-star players."
This Year's Ugliest NBA Christmas Sweaters, Ranked by Hideousness
Complex - November 12, 2014
"There’s such a paucity of innovative clothing this season that Ugly Sweaters are winning the day. Shoppers need a reason to smile. These certainly bring a little humor to the year and the season."
Friday is National Ugly Sweater Day for a good reason
MarketWatch - December 12, 2014
"In the apparel category, it seems is if we are moving to an era of getting loud and making a strong statements through the clothes your wear. ...the ugly sweater trend is catching on in the realm of sports and appears to be inching toward becoming one of the most popular gifts this holiday season."
Sports Ugly Sweaters In High Demand This Holiday Season
Forbes - December 13, 2014
"So good, yet so, so bad. There's a variety of knowingly ugly sweaters for every NFL team this season, and we have sifted through them all to find the 11 best and ugliest for you, the seeker of ugly sweaters."
The 11 Best, Ugliest NFL Sweaters
Esquire - December 02, 2014
"But wait, there's more: If you want to show distaste or warped loyalty for the Lions, Pistons or Wings, Ugly Teams has your arms and torso covered."
If Being a Tigers Fan Isn't Already Humiliating Enough . . .
Deadline Detroit - September 03, 2015
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